"The Den Of Death"
Demo Tape 1986

the den of death
"Total Terror"
Demo Tape 1987

total terror
"Mad Skater"
Demo Tape 1987

mad skater

"Live" 5 songs 7"EP 1989

Live 7'EP

Live 7'EP back cover

"Troops Of Death"
12"EP 1988 on Damage Records

Troops Of Death
17 songs LP 1989 on Putrefaction Records

Like ...
5 songs CD 1992 on Putrefaction Records

5 songs CD 1998 on Putrefaction Records

"A Vision Of God"
5 songs CD 2000 on Putrefaction Records

a vision of god
"Feel The Pain" 6 songs bootleg CD 2001 on
O.S. "RIPP OFF" Music !!!

feel the pain
"Troops Of Death" new edition remasterised + one extra song from 1988 ! (two different covers)

new cover
black cover

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